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I started the 30 day challenge in the hopes that it would help fuel the fire to keep me moving, because I was awful at making sure to get moving everyday. And it worked! Having others to help keep me accountable has been key for me. I don’t feel alone in my journey anymore, I have a much greater confidence in myself, and a stronger drive to keep going!

Ariana – Connersville, IN


Phoenix Fitness

Providing fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching for people who feel stuck in their old habits.  With proven strategies and a personal touch, results are finally within reach.

“The phoenix is still a phoenix when it transforms – it just burns away the old so that the new life can be visible and can thrive.”

– Lindsay Harless

About Lindsay

A Transformation Journey

Over the years I have been bullied regularly and put down by my peers. Struggling with insecurities about my personality and my body, I would go on a restrictive diet to lose the weight, go off my diet, and gain it all back.

I began measuring my success and failure by the numbers on the scale, using words like “fat”, “lazy”, and “ugly” to describe myself.

I had to make a decision to change how I thought about myself to break the cycle, and in doing so, I was able to create changes that have lasted to this day. I have lost – and kept off – a total of eighty pounds!


What Lindsay Provides

Fitness Training

As a NASM certified personal trainer, I am able to design a workout program that will get you to your unique goals – regardless of your experience or access to equipment!

Nutrition Coaching

Helping you learn healthier eating habits that properly fuel your body without breaking your budget or having you give up the foods you love and enjoy.

Mindset Counseling

Having spent over four years working directly as a therapist, I help clients break down the mental barriers that keep them stuck so they can reach their goals and thrive!

More From Lindsay

Hear My Personal Story

About three weeks after my son was born, I stood in front of my mirror at home and looked at myself after I was unable to fit into any non-maternity clothes. I remember thinking a single word – “wrecked” – to describe myself.  I decided that simple weight loss wasn’t enough, and self-love, confidence, and worthiness were my end goals.  By learning to be motivated by a true and genuine belief in myself and desire to give myself the life and health I wanted – and believing that I did deserve it – I was able to lose eighty pounds and keep it off forever!

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I have a physically demanding job. There are days I would rather just come home and sleep or sit on the couch and stuff my face with food. For me, it’s not a way of life anymore. I want to be there for my future kids and have the energy to keep up with them. Lindsay has inspired me to keep moving forward with that goal. She is such an encourager to her groups, and a great coach for us who want to be challenged. I am so thankful to have Lindsay as a resource for my fitness and life goals!

Jenna K – Morristown, IN


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