If you spend any amount of time taking in the world around you (whether it’s on social media or by people watching), you know there are common things almost everyone seems to struggle with: chronic pain of some sort, feeling overweight, depression/anxiety, chronic illnesses like diabetes…the list goes on. I’ll bet you know at least one person with one of these problems. What I’ve come to learn in my own health journey is that regular exercise helps to reduce a lot of these…and no, I’m not saying exercise is a magic cure…but it has been proven time and time again to help reduce so many common problems in multiple areas of health. So let’s break it down:

Exercise reduces chronic pain. Multiple organizations (such as National Academy of Sports Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, and the Brookbush Institute) detail how chronic pain – such as lower back pain – is actually caused in part by inactivity and the poor posture that develops over time. They go on to state that exercise can help, and be a preventative factor (*not just ANY exercise though. If you want to learn more about what exercises can help prevent or reduce pain, click here to get more information)

Exercise improves mental health. Before I began exercising regularly, I struggled with so much insecurity that I relied on my husband to tell me I was attractive multiple times a day…and if he didn’t, my self-esteem was in the tubes. Exercise releases endorphins which improves mood (anyone else thinking of the movie Legally Blonde?). In my own journey, I also noticed it improved my self-esteem and confidence because I watched myself grow and noticed I could do more than I could before…and that feeling is amazing! 

Exercise reduces risk of chronic illnesses. Exercise helps your body work more efficiently – such as increased insulin sensitivity (requiring less insulin to keep your blood sugar under control) and improved cardiovascular health. These two things alone reduce risk for diabetes and heart problems! Diabetes runs in my family, and exercise helps me to take an extra preventative step to keep me healthy for a long time.

Exercise encourages healthy habits (for the whole family!) One of my major motivations is my family, specifically my kids. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my littles get excited about working out with Mommy – because I know they’re learning habits that will keep them healthy. As a bonus, we’re getting to spend quality time together instead of watching hours of TV. Exercise improves focus, so it also helps improve our ability to engage in other healthy habits (because we can remember to do them now…)

Exercise helps with obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight. They say you can’t outrun a bad diet (which does have a lot of truth) but exercise helps with weight in a couple different ways: first, strength/resistance training helps build muscle which makes the body more efficient at burning fat. Second, cardio exercises help with burning excess calories (fat). (Interested in finding the right exercise program to meet your personal goals? Go to my Custom Consultation page to tell me about your goals!)

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