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With daily lessons and weekly accountability, my 30 Day QuickStart program is the easiest and most cost effective way to get the results you want.  Let’s get started now, results are just 30 days ahead.


30-Day QuickStart


Regardless of your experience or access to equipment, this program will get you started from the beginning and give you the foundation you need to succeed at all of your fitness goals.


With the basics of nutrition and meal planning at your fingertips, making healthy food choices is simple.  I’ll cover everything you need to know to fuel your body properly while making it fun and simple.


The biggest roadblock of all, our mindset about a healthy lifestyle is the key to success with every client.  I’ll give you some fun simple tools to shift the mental games to your favor and end the dieting yo-yo for good.

How The Program Works


Each day or two you’ll receive a special lesson specifically created to walk you step by step towards your goals.  As the days progress, we build on the tools and tips you’ve already received, placing your goals closer within reach.


Budget planning is a huge part of building a healthy active lifestyle, and I’m throwing in some of my secret money saving tips and some amazing special offers I’ve found to help you reach your goals and save a ton of money.


I’ve realized that simply providing the information just doesn’t work for most people.  Having an accountability partner who’s been on the journey and knows the struggle is important.  So I’m here to help as needed.

The Details

ONLY $149

Over $1200 worth of material and coaching that I normally offer to clients is now available at this special pricing for a limited time.  

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About Lindsay

A Transformation Journey

Over the years I have been bullied regularly and put down by my peers. Struggling with insecurities about my personality and my body, I would go on a restrictive diet to lose the weight, go off my diet, and gain it all back.

I began measuring my success and failure by the numbers on the scale, using words like “fat”, “lazy”, and “ugly” to describe myself.

I had to make a decision to change how I thought about myself to break the cycle, and in doing so, I was able to create changes that have lasted to this day. I have lost – and kept off – a total of eighty pounds!

I have a physically demanding job. There are days I would rather just come home and sleep or sit on the couch and stuff my face with food. For me, it’s not a way of life anymore. I want to be there for my future kids and have the energy to keep up with them. Lindsay has inspired me to keep moving forward with that goal. She is such an encourager to her groups, and a great coach for us who want to be challenged. I am so thankful to have Lindsay as a resource for my fitness and life goals!

Jenna K – Morristown, IN

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